Distinguished Hollywood Smile Selection Menu

This complimentary analog companion to the smile selection in the digital app is an excellent guide for helping full-mouth implant patients select there beautiful, new smiles. It also makes it exceptionally easy for doctors to communicate selected smile designs with their lab. This menu contains the exact same smiles that are available in the app.

Included Smiles

CSG1 Enchanting

CSG2 Splendor

CSG3 Glamorous

CSG4 Elegant

CSG5 Odyssey

CSG6 Evolution

CSG7 Femenine

CSG8 Masculine

CSG9 Harmonious

CSG10 Legacy

CSG11 Mature

CSG12 Sensational

CSG13 Hollywood

CSG14 Nobility

CSG15 Magnificence

CSG16 Charm

CSG17 Sophistication

CSG18 Dynamic

CSG19 Bold

CSG20 Longer Centrals

CSG21 Angular

CSG22 Engaging

CSG23 Triangular

CSG24 Runway

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