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Welcome to LSK121 Oral Prosthetics

Porcelain Ceramist

Our growing company is seeking a highly skilled Porcelain Ceramist with over 10+ years-experience focusing on anterior and full mouth cases. The right candidate should be able to achieve high end esthetic anterior restorations by having knowledge of full mouth combo implant rehabilitation and occlusion concepts.

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Full-Mouth Cases

We specialize in working with doctors on completing full-mouth cases and are industry leaders having completed thousands of full mouth cases.

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Cosmetic Services

LSK121 Oral Prosthetics is a cosmetic dental laboratory that offers a wide range of cosmetic services. We play close attention to both aesthetics and durability. We routinely handle difficult and complex cases that require the most meticulous attention to detail.

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NEW Galaxy Rx Forms

Our new Galaxy Rx forms are OUT OF THIS WORLD! We have innovated the big & complex case experience by creating an Rx that simplifies the completion of big cases by walking you through the process and providing guidance through each step of your cases.

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Complex Combination Cases

Whether you send us a case to adapt an existing partial to a crown or bridge, or a new case that we start from your preoperative models; we ensure every prescription you send will meet and exceed all expectations. Our combination department is staffed with both partial and ceramic technicians to ensure proper interdepartmental case design and dynamic results.



DigiTemp™ by LSK121 is our efficient, quick and economical way to provide patients with a beautiful smile while their restorations are being completed.

Syton™ 3000

Syton™ 3000 final restorations are made exclusively by LSK121 Oral Prosthetics with custom, gold anodized bars that have extra support added to them; specifically designed for each individual case. These bars add additional support for the highly-aesthetic restorations that will be placed on them. MORE INFO

Syton™ 4000

Syton™ 4000 implants are a popular solution for edentulous patients because they are durable, sturdy and long-lasting. The porcelain technicians at LSK121 specialize in adding unsurpassed realism to these implants so that patients receive prosthetics that are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.


Syton™ 5000

Syton™ 5000 Attachment-Retained Zirconia is an innovative new removable solution for patients invented by and available exclusively throughout North America from LSK121 Oral Prosthetics


Syton™ 6000

This innovative, new, LSK121-exclusive implant method is the best and most efficient way to provide patients with durable and esthetically-pleasing, full-mouth, screw-retained restorations.


Ceramic Chairside Shade Guide

The ceramic Chairside Shade Guide System finally provides doctors with the ability to match the shade, translucency, and other characteristics of their patients’ natural teeth and easily communicate that information with their laboratory.


ZEN Zirconia Enamel™

ZEN Zirconia Enamel™ (ZEN) is LSK121’s exclusive new, innovative solution for restorations that offers translucency comparable to lithium disilicate combined with the strength of zirconia. ZEN Restorations are full-contour with high translucency and utilize tooth-colored zirconia and enamel porcelain. Because of its strength, durability and aesthetic qualities, ZEN is a perfect solution for posterior crowns and some anterior crowns.


LSK121 Live

LSK121 Live is our innovative, new web series that is available now exclusively on YouTube which takes you behind the scenes in our laboratory and shows how we handle large and complex cases on a daily basis while also providing education to doctors, lab technicians and patients on how to make aesthetically superior restorations.

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Get Started with LSK121

If you are ready to start experiencing the innovative, industry-leading quality work of LSK121 Oral Prosthetics, getting started with us is exceptionally easy.

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Photos of Recently Completed Cases at LSK121

High End Digi-Temp™ Case

Full-Mouth Digi-Temp™ Using Digital and Analog

CTZ Implant

CTZ Implant Case

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