Chairside Shade Guide 8.0 App

The Chairside Shade Guide app is the next level of convenience for world class cosmetic dentists. It will provide dentists who want the highes esthetics on their cosmetic restorations with new and elevated levels of convenience and accuracy. This innovative new app provides you with the ability to capture and send smile selection, shade colors and tooth charachteristics and Rx forms to our lab directly from your Apple or Android phone.

Digital shade matching

Match patient shades from any mobile device.

Unique Color & Characteristics

Experience shade colors and characteristics that aren't available anywhere else.

Increased Patient Interaction

Show your pateitns on-screen how the matched teeth look.

50+ Unique Smiles

Utilize more than 50 of our most popular full-mouth restorations.

Patients Can See Their New Smile

Eliminate guesswork by instantly showing your patients 50+ new smile options on their faces

Increased Case Acceptance

Seeing their new smiles on their faces exponentially increases patient case acceptance.

Increased Patient Excitement

Seeing their new smile on their faces excites patients about finishing their restorations.

Show Your Patient Smile Options

Let your patient see how their face will look with 50+ different full-mouth restorations