Welcome to Chairside Shade Guide 8.0

15 years of research and development has led to this moment. In the early 2000s Luke Kahng set out on a journey to provide world-class cosmetic dentists with innovative new tools that they would need to get the absolute best cosmetic results from their dental labs with maximum esthetics, improved efficiency and with minimum communication. This led to the release of the original Chairside Shade Guide, which was improved upon and followed up a year later with an improved Chairside Shade Guide version 2.0. Over the next several years Luke Kahng would develop and release the most sophisticated Shade Guide system ever released at the time, the Ceramic Chairside Shade Guide System. Comprised of Chairside Shade Guides 1-7, the tabs on these shade guides were made of the same materials that patients' final restorations would be made from. With additional factors included like dentition, translucency, gradation, tissue color, crack lines and more; this shade guide system was a vastly superior communication tool to any other device on the market. In 2023 the all-new Chairside Shade Guide 8.0 will compile the best of all the past successes of the Luke Kahng's shade guides into a single device that will represent the next evolution is shade matching technology.

The all new Chariside Shade Guide 8.0 (CSG8) condenses everything that made Chairside Shade Guides 1-7 essential tools for world class cosmetic dentists into a single tool; and then elevates them to a higher level. Now, with a single device, dentists have a luxory tool to match patient tooth color and esthetics including dentition, translucency, color and additionally the extremely important gum tissue color. CSG8 is the difference between being an adequate dentist and being a world-class cosmetic dentist. It features 25 tab colors mixed exclusively by Luke Kahng based upon his decades-long work on all of the Chairside Shade Guides that have preceeded this latest addition to the line. The 25 tabs on CSG8 are a compilation of tabs that you need to match every single patient tooth that will be found in nature. The innovative new Chairside Shade Guide 8.0 is now the best cosmetic tool available for the best cosmetic dentists in the world.

25 Tabs for every patient, every shade & every characteristic

Celebrity Smiles

Bleach colors that aren"t available anywhere else. These tabs are fabricating natural-looking, cosmetic-range restorations and contain subtle gradiations of white. [continue]

Youthful Smiles

These tabs are brighter and more opaque indicitive of how natural teeth typically look in younger people's mouths.

Mature Smiles

These tabs introduce the apperance of translucency and are less opaque indicitive of how natural teeth typically look in more mature people's mouths.

Legacy Smiles

These tabs are darker and more translucent, indicitive of how teeth typically look in elderly people's mouths.

Pink Tissue

These tabs are innnovative pink tissue colors that orivde the lab with pivitol tissue-color information to match people's tissue on restorations.