Welcome to the Shade Guide System

Matching teeth for cosmetic cases is an artistic skill that requires careful attention to patients' remaining adjacent teeth. Simple shade colors provided by traditional shade tab systems do not provide adequate information for lab technicians to create life-like and natural looking restorations. Beyond simple, flat shade colors, skilled technicians also need information about translucency, dentition, stump color, calcification and many other tooth characteristics in order to create aesthetically pleasing replacement teeth.

LSK121's Chairside Shade Guide system provides cosmetic dentists with the tools needed to communicate additional dentition information easily and efficiently with labs. The Chairside Shade Guide system accomplishes this by using a tab and number format similar to those that cosmetic dentists are already familiar with. With our Chairside Shade Guide system doctors-to-lab communication will be vastly improved and patients' will receive the most realistic restorations possible in the most timely fashion.

The tabs on our Ceramic Shade Guides are realistic ceramic representations of natural teeth containing translucency and other tooth characteristics. Therefore you can literally select the tooth that you want the lab to make, provide the lab with it's number, and expect predictable results.

Traditional vs Ceramic

Welcome to the Shade Guide System

Cosmetic Rehabilitation Cases

Shade Guide Example Eliminate Guesswork Regarding Completed Restorations

Our Ceramic Shade Tabs imitate the look of natural teeth more accurately than traditional tabs. This is because the Chairside Shade Guide's ceramic shade tabs are fabricated through the same careful and precise layering process that is used in restorations to mimic natural dentition. Unlike acrylic and paper tabs, our ceramic tabs represent the exact restorations that the laboratory will make included within them all applicable shade and tooth characteristic information. Traditional shade tabs are made using materials that do not accurately mimic how the final restoration will look and feel, while our ceramic shade tabs allow you to communicate extremely detailed information about the tooth that will be created. This eliminates the guesswork that commonly exists between laboratories and dentists when traditional shade tabs are used.

The Chairside Shade Guide system lets dentists choose additional characteristics beyond just color. This equips dentists with the ability to completely define the tooth that will be created and avoid time consuming remakes and unsatisfied patients. With traditional shade guide systems characteristics like translucency, calcification and horizontal lines have been left up to lab technicians to figure out. The Chairside Shade Guide system lets dentists and patients make those choices and communicate the desired results clearly and succinctly to lab technicians. This means dentists will no longer have to hope that the technician that handles the case will have the same understanding of your patients' teeth that they do because with the Chairside Shade Guide system the dentist remains in control of how the final restoration will look.

Shade Guide Example

Ceramic Tabs Provide a More Realistic Comparison Than Paper and Acrylic

Ceramic implants are used in cosmetic dentistry because they provide the most realistic, life-like and aesthetically-pleasing results. For this reason, the Chairside Shade Guide system's ceramic shade tabs provide the best opportunity to accurately match patients' natural adjacent teeth and to clearly communicate expected results to laboratories. Due to the difference in physical appearance between acrylic tabs and natural teeth, finding and communicating the correct shade can be difficult and frustrating when using other shade tabs. Also, when photographed, materials like paper and acrylic absorb light differently than natural teeth. Therefore, photographs sent to labs using traditional shade tab systems often display incorrect information. Porcelain ceramic responds to light in very much the same way as natural teeth and remain accurate representations of desired results even in photographs. Because our ceramic tabs closely mimic the look and feel of natural teeth finding and communicating the correct shade with the Chairside Shade Guide system is both easier and more reliable than other shade tabs.

Shade Guide Example

Ceramic Tabs Depict Translucency

Our Ceramic Shade Tabs are made out of the same ceramic that many restorations are made out of. This means that the tabs will more closely mimic natural teeth. Traditional shade tabs are primarily opaque and do not mimic the natural translucency and transparency found in natural teeth. Because the translucency of a patients' teeth directly affect the way their teeth look, the Ceramic Shade Guide includes tabs that give doctors the tools they need to properly communicate the translucency and transparency of patient's natural teeth to the laboratory.

Shade Guide Example

Tabs Match the Look of Natural Dentition

The Chairside Shade Guide's ceramic shade tabs provide a life-like representation of natural dentin. As patients age, changes in the physical composition of their teeth causes common dentition for each age group to to change. The Ceramic Shade Guide system provides various levels of transparency and translucency to mimic these changes.